Saturday, 30 July 2011


DO NOT DRINK WATERCOLOUR WATER - been dipping my brush in and out colouring in lovely little house mouse designs - and then drank some of the water instead of the lovely fresh glass of water i have the other side of me - will i never learn?
Right - here we go - craft room a bit of a mess - but i need to get act together and make some cards - a lovely local florist has shown interest - bless her.  xxxx

day 1 in the blogging world

ok chicks - this is my very first post on a blog ever ever ever - i am assuming that i will be able to navigate my way back here again to add more posts - technology is not my strong point.  i would like to add some photos of my crafting journey at some point soon.  if you are reading this - it has worked - welcome to my little bit of madness xxxx