Wednesday, 12 October 2011


that's a looooooooooong day over with thank goodness.  Dad doing well after surgery - so hopefully be home tomorrow.

As soon as i knew he was ok i got busy crafting ..... and made a box of treasures for my sis-in-laws 50th birthday - she will be so pleased i told you her age LOL xxxx


Dad in surgery right now - thinking of him and hoping he's doing ok.

got an appointment date through for colonoscopy this morning (24th) so relieved that it is soon and i don't have it hanging over me for too long.

very tired today - think it's everything going around my head - got some lovely craft projects to do - several 21st cards and a 50th - but no oomph at all - maybe a snooze will revive me and i will then be able to get my act together - gonna give it a go - and will aim to post a pic of a completed project later today.

Happy crafting peeps xxxx