Saturday, 30 July 2011

day 1 in the blogging world

ok chicks - this is my very first post on a blog ever ever ever - i am assuming that i will be able to navigate my way back here again to add more posts - technology is not my strong point.  i would like to add some photos of my crafting journey at some point soon.  if you are reading this - it has worked - welcome to my little bit of madness xxxx


  1. Welcome to the Blog land!
    Dazie Dottie

  2. Welcome to blogland Vic! xx

  3. Whooo hooo welcome to blogger you will be addicted soon lol
    Gill xx

  4. And about time too Tilly Tot, what kept you LOL
    Welcome,relax & enjoy it, it's a great way to store cards that you have made & long forgotten about. If you run out of mojo, just go back through your cards & remake a few