Friday, 29 June 2012

Today I have been art journalling again .... this time I started with a face - I used Suzi Blu's technique of adding beeswax to the finished face which I really like - although I think I should of done this before adding her to the page as the wax and spilt over rather a lot - first time/learning curve so fair enough.  

The hair is done using strips of paper bent over to form loops - this was an idea I had seen for a journalling ring ins Scrap 365 magazine. I decided her hair looked funky and had a slight afro look to it - so  felt that doing a tribal necklace was appropriate - I love the colours of the beads - some of those beads were handed down to me from my mother and before her my great aunts - too few to use for a jewellery project but enough to use on this page.  There is something so therapeutic about searching through beads and button boxes.  the paper i used for her clothing just happened to be a freebee from a magazine recently and iIcreated the yoke on the outfit using white card and posca pens.  I put the earrings together using beads and charms on red wire.  

I may add some journalling but at the moment I'm not quite sure.  I am still gaining confidence in drawing faces - and adding colour to the sketched images - this is the third face I have done in recent weeks - and those are the first ones since I left school 28 years ago so I am trying not to be too self critical - I can see areas for improvement (her eyes inparticular on this image) but overall I am happy enough with the finished project.

Happy crafting peeps xxxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Hello Peeps,  hope you are well and happy.  today I created some new blending tools CHEAP and CHEERFUL - and totally mad :) ..... i used rubber ducks, wrote the names of the inks (i grouped colours together) on each duck, then added a strip of self-adhesive velcro (hook only) which takes the blending foam - no need to keep changing the foam as each piece is for use with one group of colours only - like i said - cheap and cheerful but i think it might just work :)   Happy Crafting xx