Wednesday, 12 October 2011


that's a looooooooooong day over with thank goodness.  Dad doing well after surgery - so hopefully be home tomorrow.

As soon as i knew he was ok i got busy crafting ..... and made a box of treasures for my sis-in-laws 50th birthday - she will be so pleased i told you her age LOL xxxx


Dad in surgery right now - thinking of him and hoping he's doing ok.

got an appointment date through for colonoscopy this morning (24th) so relieved that it is soon and i don't have it hanging over me for too long.

very tired today - think it's everything going around my head - got some lovely craft projects to do - several 21st cards and a 50th - but no oomph at all - maybe a snooze will revive me and i will then be able to get my act together - gonna give it a go - and will aim to post a pic of a completed project later today.

Happy crafting peeps xxxx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I am a happy bunny today - a lovely crafty friend and I have done a swap of some rubber stamps - so I now have some 'new to me' Magnolia's to add to my collection whilst she has lovely House Mouse stamps to add to hers.  This means I now need to do some crafting ..... where do I start? - perhaps first thing to do would be finish the samples for the NEC for Debs and get them in the post - then check the birthdays list and make sure I am ahead of myself there - THEN I can play with new stamps.  I do like my lists :)  Whatever you are doing today I hope that you enjoy.
Biggest Hugs x

Sunday, 25 September 2011

September 25th

this is one of the cards I have made for Debs who needs samples for the NEC - will be sending this and others off to her later this week.  I'm not generally a CD crafter at all so i have found it quite a challenge to be honest - although her designs are lovely and the backing papers tie-in perfectly my CD crafting skills need practice to improve.  Hope you guys are happy crafting away with whatever you are up to lately.  xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Stamping up Goodies have now been played with :)

Fabby Stamping Up goodies arrived yesterday and I have had a little play - here are a couple of cards made using the new stash - the birthday card is for my sister-in-law's birthday - i don't usually go for yellow but think she likes it so made myself give it a go.  The Christmas card is just the start of the ones i will be doing this year.  Loving the quality of the stamping up stuff - wish i also had their inks and plain cardstock but i had to stop somewhere.  Happy Crafting peeps xx

Friday, 19 August 2011

I Must I Must Improve my ...... Blogging skills!

Today I must really get my act together - yeah yeah I know I've said it before but THIS TIME I will :)

I need to learn how to reduce the size of the photo of my craft room so it doesn't take over the whole Blog - mmmm - wonder how?

Darling Husband off to play golf with our youngest - 2 eldest on holiday and other lad off out with his girlfriend - so potentially I have the time to relax and get some crafting done.  

sooooooooooooooooo .... my 'To Do' list is :_
1) check birthday calendar and make any cards for this month
2) make a couple of cards for the Florists - so i can take them to her next week
..... I was going to add more things to my list but if I can manage to do those 2 things today I will be more than happy - will try and post pics of cards i make.

Happy Crafting  xxxx

Saturday, 30 July 2011


DO NOT DRINK WATERCOLOUR WATER - been dipping my brush in and out colouring in lovely little house mouse designs - and then drank some of the water instead of the lovely fresh glass of water i have the other side of me - will i never learn?
Right - here we go - craft room a bit of a mess - but i need to get act together and make some cards - a lovely local florist has shown interest - bless her.  xxxx

day 1 in the blogging world

ok chicks - this is my very first post on a blog ever ever ever - i am assuming that i will be able to navigate my way back here again to add more posts - technology is not my strong point.  i would like to add some photos of my crafting journey at some point soon.  if you are reading this - it has worked - welcome to my little bit of madness xxxx