Friday, 19 August 2011

I Must I Must Improve my ...... Blogging skills!

Today I must really get my act together - yeah yeah I know I've said it before but THIS TIME I will :)

I need to learn how to reduce the size of the photo of my craft room so it doesn't take over the whole Blog - mmmm - wonder how?

Darling Husband off to play golf with our youngest - 2 eldest on holiday and other lad off out with his girlfriend - so potentially I have the time to relax and get some crafting done.  

sooooooooooooooooo .... my 'To Do' list is :_
1) check birthday calendar and make any cards for this month
2) make a couple of cards for the Florists - so i can take them to her next week
..... I was going to add more things to my list but if I can manage to do those 2 things today I will be more than happy - will try and post pics of cards i make.

Happy Crafting  xxxx

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